Super Inclined Drag Conveyor Features

  • Head and tail sections have removable covers with lift out shaft assemblies for easy removal and maintenance.

  • Head and tail sections have U.H.M.W. shaft seals.

  • 7 1/2x and larger models have bolted clean out doors in head section.

  • Heavy-duty double spherical roller bearings with an L-10 life of 60,000 hours minimum are standard for all models. Tail section has center pull, wide slot take-up with hinged guide designed for easy removal.

  • Hinged inspection door in tail section with rubber gasket seal.

  • Curve sections are available at any angle. Top, middle, and bottom plates are constructed of bolted abrasion resistant steel. Bolted access doors are standard in all models.

  • Housings are constructed of 10 ga. plate for 4x, 5x, and 6x models; 1/4" for 7 1/2x models and 3/8" for 9x and 12x models.

  • Shafting is turned, ground, and polished to meet or exceed AGMA standards.

  • All sprockets are flame cut with hardened rims. Split type sprockets are standard for 7 x1/2x models and larger. Walking tooth sprockets are standard for 9x and 12x models.

  • All steel chain engineered and designed for each specific conveyor for extended life and maximum working loads. Welded style chain is standard for 4x and5x models. Roller bushed style chain is optional for 6x and 7 1/2x models and standard for 9x and 12x models.

  • Flight attachments are constructed of heavy steel plate and welded to the chain. All flights are faced with U.H.M.W. to prevent steel to steel contact. Models 4x and 5x are available with Type I flights only.

  • Type I flights are recommended for most materials through a 30° incline and for free flowing granular material up to 60° incline. Type II flights are recommended for hard to discharge materials and for steeper slopes. Type III flights are recommended for lumpy or abrasive materials.

  • Other configurations available, including reverse bend and loop type.

Webster WH 124 Chain, Type I Flight - Welded Chain, all parts heat treated

Top View
Side View

Webster S2400 Chain, Type II Flight -Roller bushed, all parts heat treated

Top View
Side View - Back
Side View - Front

Webster WH 132 Chain, Type III Flight - Welded Chain, all parts heat treated

Top View
Side View



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