Straight Inclined Drag Conveyors


  • Standard inlet (may be choke fed in some cases).

  • Manual, Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic slide gates available.

  • All steel chain engineered and designed for each specific conveyor for extended life and maximum working loads. Chain is either welded steel or roller bushed style.

  • Head and tail section pillow block bearings accurately sized for maximum radial loads, extended life, and easy maintenance.

  • Bearing support mount constructed of 1/4" plate and welded in place for maximum strength.

  • Colored flights mark cottered section on chain for quick easy maintenance.

  • Flight attachments are constructed of heavy plate steel and welded to chain.

  • 1/2" thick UHMW flights on all models prevent steel to steel contact. Flights are factory bolted to chain for easy installation.

  • All head, tail, and trough sections are shipped fully assembled for fast field installation.

  • Bolded cover with top splice provides extra strength and dust-tight weatherproof seal.



  • Internal return pan is bolted and replaceable.

  • Bottom splice plates for accurate alignment thru 12"  models. Bolted bottom overlaps on 17" and larger.

  • Standard inlet (may be choke fed in some cases).

  • Bolted bottom trough section for maintenance and replacement.

  • Dust tight and weatherproof UHMW seals on head and tail shafts.

  • Flame cut steel, hardened rim C-hub sprocket. Split style is optional.

  • Tension type screw take-up for more durable service

  • Turned, ground, and polished shafts constructed of #1045 steel.

  • Manual, Electric, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic slide gates available.

  • Intermediate discharge slide gates available.

  • Abrasion resistant bottoms, return pans and side liners are available in a variety of thicknesses.

  • Curved and close tolerance tail section optional.


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