Painted Bucket Elevators


per Hour
Cubic Feet
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Capacity based on water level plus 10% cup fill for No. 2 Yellow corn at 15% moisture.

Other free flowing granular materials will have similar capacities. Sticky, very fine or light weight materials require special designs.

  1. Painted steel is standard for this series of bucket elevators. Stainless steel and galvanized construction are available as options.

  2. Nine basic series with several configurations for each series give the capacity required for every project. Custom sizes available to meet any special requirements.

  3. Shafts made of #1045, turned, ground and polished steel. Shaft diameters are determined for the required load. Boot shafts are drilled and tapped for optional motion monitor.

  4. Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are standard. Double roller bearings are standard  for shaft sizes over 2 15/16" diameter - optional on smaller.

  5. Bearing jacking bolts are standard on larger models.

  6. All pulleys are crown faced for positive belt tracking and are "drum" style (except for 8" & 11" diameter which are single disc). Head pulleys have static conductive, oil  and fire resistant (SOF, style 5) slide lagging. Wing style boot pulley is optional.

  7. Pre-punched PVC belting is standard. Various styles of rubber belting are optional. Belting weight is determined for the required load.

  8. Polyethylene buckets are standard. Metal, urethane or nylon buckets are available. Perforated buckets are available for fine or lightweight products.

  9. Adjustable throat baffle for maximum discharge.

  10. UHMW shaft seals are dust tight and weather resistant.

  11. Head has 1/2" lip seal above head frame to keep water out and dust in.

  12. Bonnets are fully contoured for efficient discharge. All bonnets have lifting lugs. Larger bonnets are split into two or three sections for easier handling.

  13. Heavy-duty motor mount with torque arm anchorage point is standard. Gearmotor, roller chain, and direct connected drives are optional.

  14. Trunking is fixture welded true, square, and parallel to assure easy field fit-up. All sheet metal seams are continuously welded. End flanges are welded continuously on both the inside and outside to prevent moisture entry and corrosion.

  15. Large and conveniently placed inspection and service doors. Inspection doors at head have safety cables to

  16. Large 4'-0" tall removable doors on both sides of the "up" casing allows easy installation and maintenance of belt and buckets.

  17. Dual clean-out slides.

  18. Screw take-up standard. Gravity take-up is optional on all models except 8" & 11" pulley sizes.

  19. See individual specification sheets and quotation for additional details and special features.


For additional information on Painted Bucket Elevators, please contact the
Riley Sales Department
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
call 812-886-5500, or fax 812-886-5515.


  1. Motion monitors.
  2. Belt misalignment detection systems.
  3. Bearing temperature monitors.
  4. Atmospheric vents.
  5. Head explosion relief vents.
  6. Trunking explosion relief vents.
  7. Low speed continuous style buckets- chain or belt mounted.
  8. Ceramic chip urethane and other lining materials.
  9. Guy cable mounting brackets.
  10. Ladder and safety cages.
  11. Service platforms - special platforms available for multiple elevator installations.
  12. Boot hoppers with magnets.
  13. Boot clean-out pans.
  14. Self-cleaning gravity boots.
  15. Frames for attachment of dust collection equipment.

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