Industrial Bucket Elevators - Features



  1. Elevators are available with either chain or belt type centrifugal or continuous designs to meet project requirements.

  2. Elevators can be built of painted steel or stainless steel.

  3. Shaft made of #1045, turned, ground, and polished steel. Shaft diameters are determined for the required load. Boot shafts are drilled and tapped for optional motion monitor.

  4. The main head assembly has a 1/2" lip above the frame to provide a dust tight and weather proof seal. Split removable bonnet for easy access.

  5. All head and boot bearings are factory installed pillow block bearing selected for best efficiency, longest life and maximum radial loads. Bearings are torqued to proper specifications.

  6. Adjustable throat baffle for maximum discharge. Discharge spout can be furnished horizontal or on a 45° incline.

  7. Wear points are lined in the head section. A variety of lining materials are available.

  8. Dust tight and weather proof shaft seals.

  9. Shaft mounted drive packages are standard through 60 HP and optional for larger sizes. Concentric reducers with chain and sprocket drives are standard for 75 HP and above and optional for smaller sizes.

  10. Trunking end flanges are continuously welded in a fixture to assure square and parallel trunking for easy field assembly.

  11. All elevators are designed so that the trunking has adequate column strength for a "free standing" installation (guy cables or other lateral supports are required at 20'-0" max. intervals). All vertical seams are continuously welded and sides are cross broke for added strength.

  12. Inspection and maintenance ports have gasket seals. Removable front and back plates for access to boot.

  13. Screw take-up is standard in the boot section. External gravity take-up is optional.

  14. Inlet hopper is standard on "up-side" of elevator.

  15. Boot shaft is drilled and tapped for optional motion detection devices.

  16. Many other optional items available: Service Platforms, ladders, safety Cage, Guy Brackets, and Explosion Relief Vents.


For equipment designed to your specifications contact our Engineering Department.

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