Galvanized Bucket Elevator


All bucket elevators are equipped with head, boot, inspection section, legging, assembly bolts, inlet hopper, motor mount (less motor and drive), PVC belting, polyethylene buckets, and bucket bolts. (Steel buckets and rubber belts are available, please call for pricing information.)

All shaft mounted drives consist of: Shaft-mounted Class I or Class II reducer with bushings, sheaves and bushings, drive belts (2.0 safety factor), and belt guard. Motor requirement is 1750 RPM. Backstops are optional.

Bucket elevator capacities are based on water level plus 10% for No. 2 Yellow Corn @ 15% moisture.

Elevator specifications are listed on each page providing information on shaft size, bearing type, belt speed, bucket size, bucket spacing, belt strength, steel gauges, etc. Please call for pricing information on requirements you may have other than our standard elevators. Bucket elevators are available in galvanized, painted black iron, and stainless steel construction.

Elevator accessories are listed on the same page with each model. Platform dimensions are shown on Bucket Elevator Work Platforms.

Safety devices and optional accessories for bucket elevators are listed in this section. They include legging explosion panels, boot hopper magnets, motion sensors, etc.

Legging type of construction is illustrated below.

For standard galvanized construction:

STYLE 1 - Includes all 16 ga. and 14 ga. galvanized standard legging for Mercury through Saturn models.

STYLE 2 - Includes all 12 ga.  galvanized legging for Pluto through Saturn models.

STYLE 3 - Includes all 12 ga.  galvanized legging for Jupiter through Galaxy 15 models.

STYLE 4 - Includes all 12 ga. galvanized standard legging for Galaxy 20 through Galaxy 29 models.

STYLE 5 - is used for welded construction.

For welded steel construction STYLE 5 is used. A fillet weld is used rather than a butt weld for extra strength. For some models weld seams may be on the same side of the legging rather than opposite corners as illustrated.





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