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Riley™ distributors are designed for maximum power and optimum convenience on multi-bin sites.

Flatback and swingset styles are available. Select from our robust range of standard sizes or have our experienced on-site team custom build to your unique specifications.

Riley distributors feature a large entrance door, engineered for easy removal and replacement, and flanged inlets and discharge outlets.

We’ve taken durability to the next level with turnheads supported by two bearings instead of the industry standard single bearing design. For added durability, our turnheads also have  a cushion box built into the spout design to prevent grain damage during product distribution.

Our flatback distributors deliver easy clean  out and added rust prevention with  conveniently placed clean out doors on the flat side of the product.

Our swingset distributors are available in both dual and triple versions for maximum versatility to fit your operation's needs. Each features an industry leading electronic control package.

Tired of material build-up in your distributor?
The bottom of Riley distributors have an inverted cone design to prevent material build-up.

Need a reliable piece of equipment from a manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners?
Riley turnheads are supported by 2 bearings instead of 1 or none like some competitors.

Tired of losing grade during the handling process?
Riley 45◦ distributor turnheads have a cushion box built into the design of the head to  prevent grain damage during product  distribution.

Need to service fast and easy?
Riley flatback distributors come with clean out doors on the flat side of the distributor for easy clean out and help aid in rust prevention.

Our single and double manual and electric distributor selection is as diverse as the  businesses that buy them.

Products include the Flatback 45◦, Flatback 60◦, 360◦ - 45◦ and 360◦ - 60◦ with 6, 8, 10 or 12 outlets and diameters from 6 to 16 inches.

A full range of options including linings, transitions and other accessories is available.


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