Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyor



We build our drag conveyors for performance and endurance under even the roughest conditions.

Engineered for efficiency and reliability, our conveyors offer key features that extend life and increase productivity—exactly what you need to deliver. Like fully designed heads and tails for maximum durability, and all-bolted construction on our troughs for superior stability. Our tough all-steel chains are designed for maximum workloads, and we install tension type screw take-ups for more durable service.
Need a proven reason to buy Riley™ drag conveyors?
Riley drag conveyors are built to the
highest standard. They include pillow
block bearings on all conveyors,
½” UHMW flights and grade 8 bolts
countersunk on all of our liners.

Want solid construction proven to
Riley flange connections are solid
welded, not stitch welded like some
of the competitors. And flighting on
the Riley chain is welded on at a 10°
angle, instead of straight up and down,
to keep the chain for rising up on the
grain. Need more? Riley return rails
are capped with ¼” thick 400 Brinell
steel to ensure a longer lifespan.

Need innovation to help, not hinder?
Riley flight chains are colored at the
splice to aid in finding the cottered
connection when it comes time for
servicing. Also, Riley flights are full
length across the conveyor, to ensure
better clean out, instead of every other
or every 10th like the competition.

Knowing every business’ demands are different, we offer drag conveyors in a range of styles and sizes to suit any operation’s needs: Sur-Flo, Easy-Flo, Curved Inclined, Straight Inclined and Super Inclined.


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